An old letter found and few older memories relived

Today I was cleaning my file bag when I found an old letter written to me by my father on 17/11/2004. Yes, It has been ten years and I still have that letter and the credit goes entirely to my mom. I had moved to UK few years back and had come to India for a month which changed my life in many ways. My mom found that letter kept properly in my books and handed it over to me.

I asked her, ” Ma, what do I do with it. and where did you find it.” She promptly replied,” I found it in your bag and this was written to you by papa and it might give you some hope and bring some good memories.” I had taken the letter, kept it in my file bag and traveled back to UK. I was mere 16 years old when papa sent that letter to me and now I am 27. A lot has happened but there are few things I can never forget.

I can never forget how my dad saved his entire salary to educate me and my brother. How and in what difficulty my father paid for my studies, sent me to an expensive boarding school and lead a life with not much luxuries. I didn’t understand the worth of money or what my parents did for me when I was 10 years old. My competition was mostly with my brother. I regret that I came out of home soo early. No money can give me back those memories I missed, the moments I wanted to live and relive. But I know one thing that no matter what I do for my parents I can never payback my parents for what they have done for me.

It’s a vicious circle, when you have the water you never appreciate it. I realised all this when I got married and moved to a different country. But I try making up for the days missed. My papa always tells me that I don’t plan things well ahead and I take leaves and come home whenever I want but I don’t regret that one  bit. I am happiest when I am in my home with my ma and papa. I am just happy naming the chickens, I am just happy gossiping with my mother. I missed it and I would give anything to spend every moment with my ma and papa.

I am sure every child may not be as lucky as I am to have such caring parents but it’s very important to be grateful for your blessings and I think my parents, my education and my husband are my greatest blessings; I am so glad and thank god that I have got great ma and papa. Children should learn to be thankful and one must remember every child isn’t that lucky and one must always remember that it’s not the parent’s duty and responsibility to give the child everything, parents don’t have to save everything to educate their children, parents don’t have to curb their wants and save by not buying clothes for them so that they can pay for the child’s education loan. It’s not their responsibility. They do it because they love us. They don’t do it  because they have to, they do it because they want us to have a good life. The day children realise these ground realities then they would know what the world is all about.

I am happiest when I buy something for my parents and I was thrilled  when I took my mom to a 5 star hotel for spa. May be that was my way of thanking her but one thank you is never enough but I am proud of myself that this mothers day I thanked my mom for everything she did. My mom gave up everything and stayed with me when I was unwell, my mom consoled me when I was going through hell.  I could sense the joy in my ma’s voice when I thanked her. She was speechless.

God I hope everyone gets lovely parents but most importantly I pray that children understand the sheer importance of parents and love them selflessly. We need to count our blessings and thank god and I thank god everyday that I have ma and papa with me because everyone isn’t that lucky.