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Mom & Me

I think this will be the first one in the series. I just wanted to throw this funny incident at the universe. You may ask why? Coz I think we all need to learn how to laugh at ourselves and this is the first lesson I have learnt from my mother.

So, I speak to mom everyday – on an average 35 times a week may be or even more. I speak about everything-things that are bothering me, issues at work, people not understanding me, how difficult it is to cook etc. So you get the picture right? It’s liberating to just tell her everything. So yesterday while we were discussing about life etc I asked her why she stopped sending me pictures on whatsapp. She said in a very jolly tone that there’s nothing interesting happening.I brushed off the entire incident by telling her that she must have forgotten how to send the photos.

So yesterday was a busy day at work and I was in middle of making a monster presentation. When all of a sudden I got a message on my phone- I chose to ignore it for few minutes and but then I checked it minutes later. I saw that I have a message from my mom and it was a photo that she has sent on my whatsapp. I looked at the pic couple of times and I wasn’t sure what my mom was trying to convey. I was a bit confused and annoyed as well that I get such mysterious photos in the midst of a crazy presentation. So I rang her up and asked her what that pic was all about and she said in a very jolly tone – ”So there is this leopard which had gone to drink some water from a big pot but then he got stuck and now he is walking around with a big pot on his head. It’s sad but quite funny as well so I sent you a pic because I thought it was interesting enough.” I started laughing like crazy and I told her that she is soo silly and she agreed with my point and started laughing at herself and that’s when I realised that we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves. And may be that’s why my mom has a chilled out day – everyday. I hope I can be like my mom and learn to laugh at myself once in a while because sometimes we all need to loosen up and stop taking ourselves soo S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y.