My Mango tree


Have you ever imagined what happens when someone says that after x years you don’t belong here? Well, I can tell you for sure that it hurts. A lot.

I fail to understand why you have to stop belonging because your position has changed – does that mean you become a lesser human being? Or does that mean that no matter what you do or how much you do at the end of the day you have no RIGHT- no right to belong.

I find it amusing and the loss is too much to even describe. No we aren’t talking about the finances or money, we are talking about feelings. I find it amusing how one person stops belonging because of one’s gender or marital status. I would want to believe that I might belong somewhere someday but yesterday’s one incident taught me a big lesson – Never tell a child that you don’t belong somewhere and you have no right to come back after x years when things vanish and people fade away. It’s too painful a situation to even imagine. It doesn’t matter how old you’re but no1 likes to be told that you aren’t welcome here after we die because you have no right and your identity will also die with that person. I wish no1 has to go through this situation but I am not sure what hurts the most – being told that you have no right or you have no right because of your gender. In any which ways it’s a painful situation. No1 should tell you that you have no right to belong but when I think about it I feel it’s unfair on multiple levels. I have a small story to tell :

Many years ago, me and our help at home decided to plant a mango tree. We moved out of Ledo 18 years ago and in 2014 I came back to Ledo to have a look at my Mango tree. I thought that mango tree belonged to me so I again came back to Ledo in 2016 to have a look at the lovely mango tree. I cried like a child when I looked at it. It was beautiful. But suddenly I realised that someone else lives in our home- my father works for Coal India and we moved homes/cities every 2 years. We were moving from one home to another. And now someone else lives in our home. I agree that the house in Ledo belongs to someone else at the moment and in the next 10 years it might belong to a different family but no1 can tell me that the mango tree doesn’t belong to me. It’s too painful to even imagine. I am not sure if I will come back to Ledo after 10-15 years to re-live my memories of our home but I will definitely come back to Ledo to have a look at the mango tree. No1 can take that memory away from me. That memory belongs to me. I have the sole right to that memory. I might not have the right to a lot of things and people after couple of years but the joy that I get every time I have a look at the tree is priceless. No money can buy that feeling.

People die, situation change but never let go any memory that once made you soo happy. The memory belongs to you and no1 can take it away from you. There are few things that money can’t buy or gender roles can’t take them away from you and that my friend are your memories. Hold on to them tight!


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